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Motor & Hydraulic Oils from Chicopee, Massachusetts

Whether you need motor oils or hydraulic oils for your machines, Bay Oil Company in Chicopee, Massachusetts, is ready to deliver to you. We offer several types of commercial and residential choices at our oil company.

Motor Oils

Try out our own brand of oil, Bay Lube. We blend it ourselves and it meets all the specifications at a competitive price. We offer motor oils for both commercial and residential use in a variety of grades, including:

Delivery Options

For bulk delivery, no one does it better. As with all of our oils, we can deliver to 275-tote tanks, 55-gallon drums, and five-gallon pails. We deliver it right to your tanks.
Motor Oil Work — Oil in Chicopee, MA

Hydraulic Oils

Let us handle all of your hydraulic oil needs. These oils are used for elevator companies, injection mold companies, dye cast companies, loggers, forging companies, and construction companies. Bay Oil Company offers competitive prices on any size of hydraulic oil you order. We carry several types of hydraulic oils, including:
  • • Non-Conductive
  • • Biodegradable
  • • Anti-Wear
  • • R&O
  • • Fire Resistant
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