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Machine Oils & Lubricants from Chicopee, Massachusetts

For the best machine oils and lubricants for metalworking, come to Bay Oil Company in Chicopee, Massachusetts. We offer several types of coolants, cutting oils, and lubricants at our oil company.

Several Oils & Lubricants

Choose us because we have several different coolants and cutting oils used in machine shops, the aerospace industry, and forging companies. Their purpose is to remove metal from sheets or blocks of metal to create various metal parts. These oils are used in screw machines, thread-cutting machines, and CNC machines.

Lubricant Benefits

Lubricants are used for lubricating moving parts in machinery and preventing wear and tear. These oils are used in metalworking, logging, construction, and automotive industries. We also deliver these by bulk, and we supply all certifications of compliance for all products.

Lubricant Types

Oil Poured into a Funnel — Oil in Chicopee, MA
  • • Barring Lubricants
  • • Way Lubricants
  • • Spindle Oils
  • • Bar and Chain Oils
  • • Gear Lubricants
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